Civil Litigation

We represent clients in all manner of disputes — business and personal.  We represent clients in criminal and civil litigation in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and on limited occasion, New York. Our skilled attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases, ranging from representation of whistle-blowers, individuals accused of misconduct by federal and local authorities, to prosecution of claims in which hundreds of millions of dollars were in dispute.  We also have extensive experience with banking and regulatory compliance, federal consumer protection, contract disputes, estate and trust disputes, and professional misconduct by accountants, attorneys, appraisers and title companies. We have investigated allegations of misconduct by prosecutors, handled mortgage fraud cases, fraudulent mortgage flips, bid and contract fraud, and pay-to-play schemes.

We have successfully pursued claims against law firms, lawyers, accountants, real estate appraisers, settlement agents, insurance corporations, title companies, and nationally chartered and state chartered banks of all sizes.  We have a particular expertise in employment law, representing employees and businesses.

If you need resolution for a civil dispute, we can help assist you in mitigating your damages through arbitration, mediation, or the civil court system (we also assist with criminal matters).  We have flexible schedules and can meet you within or outside of normal work hours and at a location of your choice if needed.