Estate Administration & Litigation

Estate Administration

We represent the estates of deceased individuals, and counsel individuals in administering the estates of deceased loved ones.  Attorneys in our firm have administered estates in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, the State of New York and New York City.  We assist the estate’s executor, or Personal Representative, in navigating the probate system, and advise as to any necessary transactions and associated tax ramifications.  We also prepare and file any necessary estate tax returns, and work with a decedent’s existing CPA and financial advisor where appropriate and requested by the executor.  We can be as much or as little involved in the process as you require, thereby helping you control the cost of the administration.  Above all, we are available to answer all questions and assist in all aspects of the administration, whether they are legal or nonlegal in nature.  We are available to meet outside of normal business hours, and can meet you either at our office or at your home.

Estate Litigation

We have represented parties in estate litigation in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and New York.  Our clients include interested persons in estate litigation matters involving fraud, undue influence, inappropriate transfer of assets and other questionable transactions.  Where appropriate, an individual may use the courts to challenge the actions of an executor, the deceased or individuals who have mishandled estate property or committed other kinds of diminution, waste, fraud, or abuse.  We have experience in identifying, tracing and pursuing missing assets, including forensic investigation, conducting accountings and undertaking other investigative measures to protect the rights of our clients.