State and Federal Employment Law

Doing the right thing can be hard.  It helps when you have the right lawyers.  We help you tell the truth, without fear.

Goodwin Weber PLLC represents federal employees in all manner of employment disputes.  From security clearances, conduct or performance concerns, raising one’s hand as a whistleblower, to being a witness or subject of an Office of Inspector General (OIG) or other agency investigation, we can help.

We have proven experience representing and defending federal, state and private employees.

David P. Weber, a member of the firm, has extensive experience as the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, investigating federal employee misconduct.  He has also defended federal employees from the other side of the table as an National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) lawyer, officer and steward.  Until March 2016, Mr. Weber also served as a Lieutenant Colonel Judge Advocate in the Maryland State Guard.  Mr. Weber has been involved in cases before the Military, EEOC, MSPB, U.S. District Court, and in providing information to Congress.  We offer one of the few practices in the DC metro area that has truly represented parties, on all sides, of federal employment disputes.  This gives us unique insight in representing federal or state employees.  Please contact us, so that we can discuss helping you.

Our representation of federal, state and private employees includes:

  • Representation of whistle blowers;
  • Representation of employees accused of poor performance or misconduct issues;
  • Representation of employees who are witnesses or subjects of OIG or other agency investigations;
  • Representation of employees or contractors in security or suitability clearance matters;
  • Representation of employees who have been retaliated against, or subject to unlawful personnel action due to protected EEO status; and
  • Representation of uniformed military service members or veterans in employment and reemployment disputes, benefit claims, or criminal matters.


David P. Weber

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